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. so you can. umentd vigil in los angeles to honor the tsa agent shot and killed at friday lax. mourners held candle and embrace one another. authorities reconstructed friday shooting spree. that one officer was killed and 2 others were also wounded by gunman who had it in for the tsa. now police know how the crime happened but not why. in los angeles abc 7 news wroughter brandy picks up the story. >> tsa officer tony shot in the foot describes coming face-to-face with lax gunman. >> i was jrd while helping an elderly man get to safe area. turned around and there was a gun man and shot me twice. >> with the assault rifle investigators say the 23-year-old wounded 2 others and killed officer hernandez at point blank rage. >> the scenario keep me up at night this is the one but also the one we train too. >>reporter: airport police shot pall ciancia 4 times and found a note how he wanted to instill fear on the traitorous mind and he talked to cnn. >> my mission is accomplished if i just kill one. >> pall is our son and brother. we will continue to love him and care for him. >
. >> thanks very much. bay area second largest philippine american community in the country after los angeles. many people here of course the family in the philippines. experts predict the storm will cause catastrophic damage to several remote area. casualty expected. many bay area residents worried about the loved ones directly in the path of the monster stormed. >> my brother sister are still there. so their houses, not that strong enough to handle this. >> the government has been ready for it. preparing for it with shelters and food distribution. >> now if you would like to help out those affected by the too typhoon there will be many affected you can find link to 2 local organizations accepting donations on our web site just click on see it on tv. >> our reporting continues right now on twitter follow us at this web site. up taste on the powerful storm on twitter and of course on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. we focus on other things for the moment. twitter made huge splash on wall street you probably heard instant millionaire out of dozens. perhaps hundreds of employees. the
. and that will make all the difference for william and his family. and they are heading to los angeles soon for william's surgery. >> what do you think about that? >> that is so great. >> thank you. >> thank you, thank you. thank you. >> reporter: cheryl jennings, abc 7 news. >> just remarkable. now, we will be there to see william get that much-needed eye surgery in los angeles and bring you that follow-up story just as soon as it happened. powerful stuff. powerful stuff. >>> well, coming up next to thsuffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. >>> watch for overnight lane closures that may impact you from highway 101, get your latest realtime traffic and transit alerts starting at 4:30. >>
in the interior parts of the state down south high of 88 los angeles here in the bay area lovely day coming our way tomorrow. you can trust me on this. sunny sky just a few then hay cloud manufacturing through from time to time. high range from mid 60's near the coast to upper 60's says if in the bay mid 70's inland. here's 7 day forecast 2 more miles and cool down on friday. further cool on saturday. cloud thicken and breezy on friday saturday but no rain likely then we start to warm-up again on monday tuchlts i absolutely completely trust dan. >> you turned on me faster than the african cat. >> sometimes we do that just for humor. >> thanks. >> anything for a joke. new record tonight for the highest price ever paid for an artwork at auction. bidder payed 142 million dollars. 1 from million dollars for frn situations bacon 1969 pre-study of lloyd at christy auction. there were apparently 7 bidders going for the thing. surpasses 120 million paid at soft by in 2012. for edward the scream. that's an awful lot of money for painting. >> workers assembling a tree sculptor at palo alto city ha
a thoip abc 7 news. >> president obama is in los angeles right now next leg of west coast political fundraising tour. here is air force one taking off late this afternoon from san francisco international. after a 6 hour stay in san francisco where he urged supporters to stick with him despite the lowest approval ratings of his presidency. we have team coverage of the president visit to the bay area tonight beginning with abc 7 news reporter vick lee. >> ♪ oh, >> her niece sang the national anthem. she told us later she was nervous singing before the president. but she had her angel. >> i thought of my aunt betty entire time. only thing helped me hold it together. >> mr. obama speech focus on immigration. importance of a comprehensive reform package. heckler interrupted the president speech. >> i need your help. thousands of immigrant. >> that's exactly what we are talking about. that's why we are here. >> president please your executive order. >> mr. obama shot back with lecture on democracy. and so the easy way out is to try to yell and pretend like i can did something
're following closely for you in los angeles. a loud sound that scared passengers into thinking that someone had fired a gun. what it really was was an suv that crashed into a parking garage right now traffic at the airport is moving at a crawl. all of this on what was supposed to be the busiest travel day, or one of them anyway, busiest travel day of the year. so that terminal 5 at l.a.x. just packed with people who literally, as we pan back on the helicopter, literally evacuated themselves when they heard what they thought were gunshots. turned out it was the impact of a car crashing in the parking garage. they decided they should leave the terminal, which they did. things are slowly getting back to normal. >>> well, moving on. serial killer joe naceo did not quo quietly today by any means. when a marin county judge sent him to death row. naso committed murders in four counties from the late '70s until the early '90s. abc 7 i team reporter dan noise was covering this from the very start. >> reporter: 79 years serial killer joe naso flipped oft audience of groerm jurors, victims' family members
the charges. he was flown to los angeles to face drug charges, he is accused of operating a website where more than a billion dollars of illegal drugs were sold, using bit coin, an on-line term. today, his attorney described somebody who was never in trouble. and denied allegations. oberect will have a hearing in two weeks where he will probably ask to be let out on bail. >>> a group of angel investors in the silicon valley just launched a competition. anyone who can come up with an idea on how to make guns safer will be given a million thrdoll, and that is just the beginning. this idea is in response to last year's mass shooting at sandy hook school. >> reporter: what happened at sandy hook elementary school last december 14th had a profound effect on silicon valley entrepreneurs 3,000 miles away. now, more than 40 of them are ready to invest millions to build smarter, safer guns. >> we want to hear all the ideas. and that is what we're here to do, to see which ideas come through, fund them and let the free markets determine which ones are the most viable. >> reporter: the competition was ann
this is los angeles news. >> move on to something that is going well. come up next. celebrity who have been following bat kid today. >> way to go miles. way to save gotham. >>reporter: from the white house to hollywood you will see how social media has helped to heal some old rivalry. >> and the new circumstances sole show running san francisco through january 12. tomorrow we take you inside the big top for an exclusive look at how the performer get ready for the show. our special unlock the mystery of circus d'soleil back stage it airs tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. over on abc when our little girl was born, we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the subaru forester. (girl) what? (announcer) motor trend's two thousand fourteen sport utility of the year. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. because what you don't know, can hurt you.urance. what if you didn't know that posting your travel plans online may attract
development of walt disif i co conert hall in los angeles. she was 79 years old. disney ceo bob today said quote diane will always have a special place in our company legacy and in the hearts of fans. miller walt today's any family foundation is not affiliated with the disney company which is the parent company of abc 7 news. >> coming up next. new cure perhaps for depression. researchers say it has a lieutenant to do with sleep. lieutenant to do with sleep. to thoseworried...ited... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at >> head lane tonight about sleep and depression. new report finds that there is a link between depression and insomnia. that is that curing one can help cure the other. there may be a way to do it without ever taking a pill. here's paula. >> we used to think that depression caused insomnia. researc
and bottle during a rowdy confrontation. los angeles time says it happened on sunday along one of the most heavily fortified spots on the border. just west of san ysidro port of entry. federal authorities say it's not clear whether crowd was trying to get that the u.s. illegally or just hold the demonstration. but more than a dozen agents responded to the border fence top the 11 73 and used pepper spray that started the fight. there it guess. several agents hit with probin probing. one hit in the head with a full bottle of water. >> couple who survived the asian air liens crash at sfo now sharing their incredible ordeal that they endured in the 5 months since it happened. the she and her husband returned home to chin a last week after recuperating from an ankle fracture and severe head injury. before they left the couple shared some of the video and the pictures that they took as the whole disaster unfolded. she told news anchor kristen how she was trapped and eventually saved. yang in mandarin tells how he rescued a passenger pinned under klachsed overhead compartment. >>reporter:
to driving, to me being with my kids. just to go grocery shopping by myself. >> he went to los angeles for the surgery. he specializes in the treatment of a degenerative eye disease. >> i had the three -- >> there were a couple of procedures, including inserting special lenses under his corneas. the surgeries cost $18,000. that's money the family didn't have and insurance doesn't cover it. so here's how social media came into the picture. his fiance, nina, learned about the doctor's work on the internet and started a fundraising campaign but it was slow. so her mother messaged me on facebook, we had several conversations and then i sent out a tweet asking for help. to our surprise somebody said they would help. >> anonymous donor has stepped in and was very moved by hearing about you and they're actually going to take care of your procedure for you. >> the doctor surprised the family with the news by skype. they were overwhelmed. william's life started changing the moment he sat up on the operating table. >> i looked around the room and i looked through the window. there was nina and e
nearly 40 billion dollars this black friday weekend. up 2% compared to last year. this is abc news los angeles. >> the problem plagued health care web site off line tonight. it's down for sentenced maintenance through tomorrow morning ahead of tomorrow dead lane to have it working for most people. president obama and top administration officials have repeatedly promised the web site will be functional vast majority of users bit end of to. im practice. two months after very troubled roll out. technical team including some from silicon valley working round the clock on hardware software fixes. obama care set to come back on line at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. >> today short trading session apple stock hit highest price of the year. at one point apple share sold for 5 58 dollars. apple closed with nearly 2% gain at just above 5 56 dollars. meantime bay area base instagram a lot to be thankful for. social network says this thanksgiving was the busiest day yet. that means the company beat last year record of 10 million photo on thanksgiving all of them coming in at rate of about 200 image
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12